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Mon Apr 13 15:23:42 BST 2015

On Mon, Apr 13, 2015 at 4:13 PM, Wookey <wookey at> wrote:

> +++ Henrik Brautaset Aronsen [2015-04-13 15:30 +0200]:
> > Good point. If I use magnetic north in my survey data, will the "*date"
> > flag automatically imply magnetic declination correction?
> No, that's a future enhancement made possible by putting the date in
> with *date and the geolocation/coordinate system with *cs (a recent
> addition which is the main reason this feature has not been added in
> the past).

OK, good to know.  Which brings me to another question: Can I use decimal
gps positions (like the ones Google use) to pinpoint stations?  I tried the
following, but I don't know if that's correct:

*cs s-merc
*cs out s-merc
*fix A 59.9100129 10.6824754 0

> But if your data has
> ; Surveyed on 1st Dec 2013
> then it'll never calculate the declination automatically :-)

So it parses the comments as well?

And don't you know it, another question:  The depth bar on the top-right
side in Aven seems wrong with my test data:

*data diving from to length bearing fromdepth todepth
A B 25 160 12 16
B C 12 120 16 20

The depth bar goes from 4m to 8m.  How do I make it go from 12 to 20?

Thanks for all your help!


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