Separate list for data format discussions

Andreas Neumann
Fri, 12 Jan 2001 16:28:07 +0100 (CET)


In order to prevent generating too much traffic on the more general
cave-surveying list I have set up a separate majordomo-mailinglist.

People interested please send a mail to

and write to the body the followin lines

subscribe cavedata your@email.adress

subject line is ignored.

You will get an answer with a request for approval.

Only subscribed members can post to the list, all commands like
"who/index/get/etc" are limited to subscribed users.

The list is archived in monthly files - if necessary I can provide a
web-interface like the one at to access the archives in a more
comfortable way, than getting it by mail.

Concerning the way to document for different media I must confirm that I
haven't worked with "Docbook" yet, but I am open to learn it, if its not
too complicated. I frequently use LaTeX, HTML and XML, so I am used to
structure text and separate formatting from content.

Maybe Michael can send me some links with documentation or tutorial on
docbook - I think the Linux Distribution I use (SuSE) provides all the
tools needed ...

Solong ...

I come back on the weekend with a website summarizing goals, scope and the
ongoing discussion.


"If you have got the right attitude,
 interesting problems will find you."
                    (Eric S. Raymond)

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