Admin notice - IMPORTANT & long

David Gibson
Fri, 12 Jan 2001 14:34:49 +0000

This is rather long - sorry!

Ive had to deal with a lot of admin requests recently - mainly messages
bouncing from users who no longer exist or whose mailboxes are full;
plus the occasional request from someone to unsubscribe them - you are
supposed to do this yourself!  Because of this, Ive now configured the
list to mail you your password at monthly intervals. This should act as
a reminder of your subscription address, password, and that the list is
still alive. We'll keep this under review, as I know that some of you
find this sort of thing annoying.

Postings from non-member addresses

Apologies to the half-dozen people who have had their messages bounced
recently with the message "postings allowed from member addresses only".  
Please remember that, to help trap spam (of which there is a fair
amount), this list will only accept postings from the address you were
subscribed at. 

If you sometimes use a Hotmail (or similar) account, or you are at an
organisation where you can use different machines from time to time, you
need to ensure that the Sender: line in your postings corresponds to
your subscription address.

If you cant do that (some administrators wont let you alter the Sender
header) then you need to subscribe, additionally, at your new
address(es). (You can disable mail delivery to all but one addresses, so
that you still only receive one copy of everything).

I could disable the 'members only' feature, but that means that you
would get to see some spam.

If you receive a message saying that your posting is being held for
approval because it is from a non-member address (and for that reason
specifically), please note that I when I eventually get around to
reading it (once per weekday, not at weekends) I will probably REJECT
it. This is for the sensible reason that you may have re-posted it
yourself by then; and I dont have time to check to see if that is the
case, nor to trawl through the membership list to see if you really are
a member, but listed under another (and often indecipherable) e-mail
David Gibson