Separate list for data format discussions

Paul & Eleanor
Fri, 12 Jan 2001 21:36:34 -0700

Andreas Neumann wrote:
> Hello!
> In order to prevent generating too much traffic on the more general
> cave-surveying list I have set up a separate majordomo-mailinglist.
> People interested please send a mail to

So now we have this list:
and we have
so the XML discussion should be in data-format and cave-surveying is
for the folks making those muddy pages? Do I have this right?

Didn't we just all come over here just last week to discuss
XML? Whatever, I'm off to cavedata.

> Maybe Michael can send me some links with documentation or tutorial on
> docbook - I think the Linux Distribution I use (SuSE) provides all the
> tools needed ...

The whole point is XML is a portable format, I'd hope the documentation
was also.

See ya in cavedata.