Survex 1.4.0 released

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Sat Nov 6 22:27:04 GMT 2021

Survex 1.4.0 is now available:

The most notable change in this release is that PROJ 8 is now supported.

The changes required for this were extensive, so Survex 1.4.0 only
supports PROJ >= 7.2.0.  If you need support for older PROJ, then
Survex 1.2.x will continue to support PROJ < 8, and we'll continue
to make occasional 1.2.x releases if there are fixes for issues
which justify it.

This change means that fixed point coordinates are now converted
directly to the specified output coordinate system, whereas previously
PROJ always converted via the WGS84 coordinate system.  This may
sometimes give slightly different (but in theory more accurate) results
(in cases where an accurate conversion to or from WGS84 isn't available,
but an accurate direct conversion is).

PROJ also now takes the vertical datum into account automatically, which
means terrain data in Aven should now match much better in height with
cave entrances.

Here's the full NEWS file entry for this release:

Changes in 1.4.0 (2021-11-06):

* New release series to mark that Survex now uses the new PROJ API, and
  requires PROJ >= 7.2.0.  Survex 1.2.x will continue to support PROJ < 8
  (and won't support newer PROJ versions).  Fixes #102, reported by Bas

  Due to these changes, PROJ will now convert directly between coordinate
  systems where it knows how to, instead of always converting via WGS84.
  This means conversions may now be more accurate in some cases, and you may
  notice station coordinates changing - these should be for the better.

  Also, the vertical datum is now taken into account automatically, and
  terrain data now aligns much better vertically with surveys.  Fixes #56.

* aven: Clicking and holding the left mouse button on the compass or clino,
  then (while still holding) clicking the right button no longer causes a
  wxWidgets assertion to fail.  Reported by echarlie.

* img library: Rewrite certain proj strings when reading 3d files for
  better compatibility with newer PROJ versions, where use of proj
  strings is strongly discouraged.

  `+init=epsg:` followed by a code number is rewritten to `EPSG:`.

  `+init=esri:` followed by a code number is rewritten to `ESRI:`.

  The proj strings which cavern used to put in 3d files for UTM zones and
  S-MERC are rewritten to `EPSG:` follow by the appropriate code number.

* Also install survex.lang for gtksourceview 4. Fixes #125, reported by Martin

* Fix missing data style in interleaved example in manual.  Reported by

* Use jw from docbook-utils instead of sgmltools-lite to process the manual.
  The sgmltools-lite homepage says it's no longer being developed, and suggests
  docbook-tools (which Debian packages as docbook-utils) as a replacement.

* doc/HACKING.htm: Update Debian packages to install

* doc/HACKING.htm: Update details of setting up mingw cross-build environment.

* Add simple tests for GPX and KML export.

* Expand cavern testcase csbad.

* cavern.tst: Parse warning/error counts more robustly.  Previously we'd get
  confused if the final line just contained an integer, e.g. if we end listing
  stations not attached to a fixed point.

Here are SHA256 checksums should you want to verify the integrity of the

b1e2f3afc84f1e8927af6e1070fd01d969ed9914a41895f6dcc6f4cf74b1f8df  survex-1.4.0.tar.gz
a2367a39632e13432e02c0ab7e020e1997e97a0dc30464daa531678b59a4887a  survex-win32-1.4.0.exe

There are also detached GPG signatures in the download directory:

There are "release notes" on the wiki, which I'll try to keep updated
with any issues found, so take a look there for the latest information:

Please report any issues you find which are not covered in the release
notes to the bug tracker:

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