Survex 1.2.44 released

Olly Betts olly at
Thu Feb 11 01:08:17 GMT 2021

Survex 1.2.44 is now available:

The most notable changes in this release are several bug fixes, and
support for quadrant bearings (e.g. N30E).

Here's the full NEWS file entry for this release:

Changes in 1.2.44 (2021-02-10):

* aven:

  + (Microsoft Windows version): Now using wxWidgets 3.0.5 (was 3.0.4).

* cavern:

  * Add support for quadrant bearings (e.g. N30E).  Patch from echarlie.

  * Report error if angle units are specified for passage dimension.
    Previously "*units left degrees" and similar were incorrectly quietly
    accepted.  Spotted by echarlie.

  * Fix *data with no parameters to keep the current style and reset any state
    as documented.  Previously it actually instead ignored any survey data
    until the next *data command with parameters.

  * Fix minor memory leak in *data.  We leaked a single memory allocation on
    "*data default" or an invalid *data command.

  * Improve test coverage.

* survexport:

  * The check for whether a format supported --elevation, --plan, --bearing and
    --tilt was inverted.  Reported by echarlie.

  * Fix reporting of export errors on Microsoft Windows.  Reported by Matic Di

* img library: Fix img_open() when used in other programs.  Patch from Thomas

* configure: Add wx-config-gtk3 to WX_CONFIG search for Arch Linux.  Patch
  from Thomas Holder.

* Improve documentation of interleaved data.  Most notably, we now document
  that a blank line breaks the current traverse.

* Fix typo in manual ('cypolar' -> 'cylpolar').  Patch from Wookey, fixes #117.

* Chinese translation updates from Qingqing Li.

* Russian translation updates from Vasily Vl. Suhachev.

* French translation updates from Jean-Marc and from Wassil Janssen.

* Bulgarian translation updates from Wassil Janssen

Here are SHA256 checksums should you want to verify the integrity of the

91b75ff7ed3b8707a33cd5ad7b385f95cd305efb730ab3840bd38b87a7d63804  survex-1.2.44.tar.gz
b087fe47e04e3e5fbce28e646c1238eb5f6d4e5388ef6e40e6801e98b2ee4076  survex-win32-1.2.44.exe

There are also detached GPG signatures in the download directory:

There are "release notes" on the wiki, which I'll try to keep updated
with any issues found, so take a look there for the latest information:

Please report any issues you find which are not covered in the release
notes to the bug tracker (

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