Survex 1.2.33 released

Olly Betts olly at
Thu Mar 22 02:41:37 GMT 2018

Survex 1.2.33 is now available:

This release is a mixture of bug fixes and improvements.
manual a bit.

See the NEWS file entry below for a full list of changes.

There's no Mac OS X build still - unfortunately the Mac I used to borrow
to build it on was stolen twice.  Unconnected with my borrowing, but it
isn't so easy to borrow now.  Rob Jones has been working on getting a
package of Survex into homebrew ( which seems like a
good solution.  Therion is already available from there, and people seem
happy with installing it from there.

Here are SHA256 checksums should you want to verify the integrity of the

f87e6740af5ebb3fb3a1191574a7d1d0054c607a85944ee7f2f0a1f8ef18c682  survex-1.2.33.tar.gz
991c82020ccd695b97b7a095aee46bbf1bdcb91bb18527eee6495b1230f1e66d  survex-win32-1.2.33.exe

There are also detached GPG signatures in the download directory:

There are "release notes" on the wiki, which I'll try to keep updated
with any issues found, so take a look there for the latest information:

Please report any issues you find which are not covered in the release
notes to the bug tracker (


Changes in 1.2.33 (2018-03-22):

* aven:

  + Reliably disable scale bar in perspective view.  This is supposed to happen
    (because the scale across the screen varies in perspective view) but
    actually the scale bar stayed around until an update was forced for another
    reason.  Spotted thanks to Pedro Silva Pinto.

  + Make "no date"/"not in loop" colour grey.  The white was a bit bright and
    made it harder to see the legs that had colours.  The grey now used is
    within the brightness range of the other colours.  Fixes #94, reported by
    Erin Lynch.

  + Fix KML export - exporting both survey legs and station names resulted in a
    malformed KML file.  This bug was introduced in 1.2.30 when support for
    exporting passages and walls was added.  Reported by Erin Lynch in #90.

  + Consistently use 2 decimal places for altitude in KML output.  Some places
    used 8 decimal places which is appropriate for lat and long, but clearly
    overkill for an altitude in metres and increases the file size

  + Right-align bearing widget in print/export dialog.  The change to allow the
    value to wrap round from 360 to 0 in 1.2.27 inadvertently made this control
    left-aligned (due to incorrect wxWidgets documentation of the default style
    for this control).

  + (Unix version): Work around wxWidgets bug so that custom cursors work
    under GTK3.

  + (Unix version): Update GTK version reporting - report GTK3, and don't
    bother to report subversions of GTK2 (it seems to be fairly arbitrary
    which subversions wxWidgets defines constants for).

  + Update code to work without warnings when using wxWidgets 3.1.0 (the
    current development version).

  + Make movie export code compatible with upcoming FFmpeg 3.5 release.
    It should still work with the older versions that worked before this
    change.  Reported by James Cowgill in

* cavern:

  + Warn about 2 digit years.  We can't change the assumption that these are
    19xx without risking breaking existing datasets, but the further we get
    into this century, the more likely such an assumption is to catch someone
    out.  The warning can easily be quashed by explicitly adding the assumed

* The Spanish translation is now up to date once more, thanks to updates from
  Evaristo Quiroga.

* Merge French translation updates from Jean-Marc.

* Fix transposed German Northing and Easting labels.  Fixes #95, reported by

* Fill in missing translations of "Easting", "Northing", "E" and "N" for
  Bulgarian, Greek, Hungarian, Polish and Russian based on other existing
  translated messages.

* Align .pos file headings better with columns of coordinates below for
  Indonesian and Polish.

* Fix handling of the message string "error" before messages loaded.  If
  there's an error loading messages, we need this message to report it.
  Reported by Martin Sluka.

* Fix a few compiler warnings.

* img library: Fix extracting leaf survey name for survey title.  When there
  are three or more levels of survey, we were taking everything after the first
  dot rather than everything after the last dot.

* Fix problems with testsuite on macOS:

  + cavern.tst: Skip "ONELEG" testcase on case-insensitive filing systems
    - this test isn't meaningful unless the filing system is case-sensitive,
    but happens to fail if it isn't.

  + cavern.tst: Workaround limitations of Apple's sed.

  + aven.tst: Fix not to hang on macOS.

  + smoke.tst: Remove aven testcases which duplicate those in aven.tst.

* Clean up handling of support files in relocatable installs - this is now
  detected at run time on macOS.

* Split out macOS creation into a make rule so it can be easily used
  by the homebrew formula.


  + Fix when WX_CONFIG not specified - this was giving a confusing error like:
    ./ line 163: --cc: command not found

  + Use wxWidgets 3.0.4.

* Stop checking wx-config --ldflags as this option was removed in wxWidgets 2.6
  and we currently require 2.8 or newer.
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