Survex 1.2.35 released

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Tue Jul 3 04:37:47 BST 2018

Survex 1.2.35 is now available:

The most exciting change in this release for most people will be the
ability to turn surveys on and off by clicking in the survey tree.
Use the right-button menu on a survey and select "Show" to enable
checkboxes for that survey and all its siblings.  Only the selected
surveys are shown on screen, printed and exported.

The "Hide others" entry (and "Show all" on the root entry) which was
added in 1.2.27 is still there currently, but is essentially an
alternative mechanism to the new one.  "Hide others" only supports
restricting the view to a single survey sub-tree, and behind the
scenes it reloads the survey data for each change to the filtering.
I've left the old option in place until we shake out any kinks in the
new approach, but ultimately "Hide others" will either go entirely, or
change to use the new survey selection machinery behind the scenes.

Here's the full NEWS file entry for this release:

Changes in 1.2.35 (2018-07-03):

* aven:

  + Viewing can now be restricted to multiple surveys.  Use the right-button
    menu on a survey in the survey tree and select "Show" to enable checkboxes
    for that survey and all its siblings.  Only the selected surveys are shown
    on screen, printed and exported.

  + Don't open a survey when its name is double clicked.  This was happening
    due to code added to "allow double-clicking to work on wxMSW >= 2.8.11".
    However, reverting that change still seems to allow double-clicking to work
    on both wxMSW and wxGTK, but fixes the unwanted additional opening of the

  + Pick initial survey scaling based on whichever of the window width or
    height gives the smaller scale.  Previously we always used the window
    width, which can result in parts of the cave being outside the initial
    view.  Reported by Wookey.

  + Drop ability to specify a PROJ string in the export dialog.  This was added
    to allow exporting to formats such as GPX before we added support for
    specifying the projection in .svx files, and that support is now mature.

  + DXF export now uses 2 decimal places (was 6) for the bounding box, for
    consistency with the precision used for coordinates.

  + Fix handling of surface flag during export.  In formats which discriminate,
    legs could previously have got assigned the wrong status.

  + Fix bug which probably prevented aven starting when OpenGL double buffering
    is unavailable.  This is unlikely to affect any common configurations.

  + (Microsoft Windows version): Fix loading of 3d files with non-ASCII
    filenames.  Issue reported by Matic.

  + (Microsoft Windows version): Fix incorrect display of some toolbar icons.
    Probably broken since 1.2.17.

* survexport: New command-line export program which uses aven's export code.
  Replaces 3dtopos, cad3d and findentrances, since it can do all that these
  tools could do, plus much more.

* Merge more Spanish i18n updates from Evaristo Quiroga.

* Minor updates to various other translations.

* img library:

  + Now supports reading from and writing to an existing FILE*.

  + Improve API documentation.

* (Microsoft Windows version): Fix packaging to include wxWidgets translation
  files like it was supposed to, which fixes a few missing translations.  This
  was probably broken by changes in 1.2.8.  Reported by Evaristo Quiroga.

* (Microsoft Windows version): Drop two options from explorer bindings.
  "Convert to DXF" and "Convert for hand plotting" have both been supported via
  aven for a while, and that's a more useful way to access them as you can
  control what gets exported.

Here are SHA256 checksums should you want to verify the integrity of the

91efc72471637efa33fe04b6d154e493ece4c6ce694b1f95e3d6289c0e5c640f  survex-1.2.35.tar.gz
05100e4603609e5cb32a45ad8be578c38d119d7533df561db500080b05488af0  survex-win32-1.2.35.exe

There are also detached GPG signatures in the download directory:

There are "release notes" on the wiki, which I'll try to keep updated
with any issues found, so take a look there for the latest information:

Please report any issues you find which are not covered in the release
notes to the bug tracker (

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