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Andy Waddington (Cave Surveying mailbox) surveys at pennine.ddns.me.uk
Tue Jun 7 17:57:10 BST 2016

Sometime before sending, HughStL typed (and on Tuesday 2016-06-07 at 14:14:07 sent):

> I think we might all be putting the cart before the horse, here.
> Does it make more sense to first ask people (via online poll, maybe?) 
> how they use the survex output.

Well, I use survex and aven for lofting offsets for sea kayak designs
as well as caves. And the question was

> > Sometime before sending, Olly Betts typed (and on Sunday 2016-06-05 at 01:04:07 sent):
> >
> >> Also, are there any formats missing from the list people would find
> >> useful?

"Would find useful" is not the same as "want" or "think would be
appropriate". I am considering venturing into 3D printing and I would
find it neat to be able to produce a 3D scale model of a cave, but
to be realistic, this would be a more likely output from something
like tunnel than from survex/aven, and it was meant as a somewhat
amusing suggestion rather than a feature request. I rather thought
that would be a bit more obvious, sorry...


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