Survex 1.2.17 released

Olly Betts olly at
Wed Feb 25 06:07:16 GMT 2015

Survex 1.2.17 is now available:

This release includes a lot of fixes and improvements.

Particularly notable is that the Mac OS X version has seen a lot of
work, and there's a pre-built version available for 1.2.17.

If the same leg is repeated consecutively, cavern will now average the
readings and treat them as a single leg - this should be particularly
useful to those processing data from pocket topo.

The way the animation in aven is implemented has been reworked - it
should be smoother, and the speed more consistent between platforms.

Assorted translation improvements - most notably the start of a Hungarian
translation from Imre Balogh, and many updates to the Russian translation
from "vsuhachev".

See the NEWS file entry below for a full list.

Here are SHA1 checksums should you want to verify the integrity of the

61b39d20fe9bbb38435c2f951f8daf3191a54cd1  survex-1.2.17.tar.gz
6a1542d374e46af33349f5feb60bb83e658d80e0  survex-macosx-1.2.17.dmg
925a5551ea80505cd5fd9dbcbd334c8e709cd16d  survex-win32-1.2.17.exe

There are also detached GPG signatures in the download directory:

There are "release notes" on the wiki, which I'll try to keep updated
with any issues found, so take a look there for the latest information:

Please report any issues you find which are not covered in the release
notes to the bug tracker (


Changes in 1.2.17 (2015-02-24):

* MacOS X version:

  + Update INSTALL file with current status.

  + now has a custom icon.

  + Add icons for all the filetypes supported.

  + Add Finder actions for .svx, .3d, .plt and .pos files.

  + aven: Hide the status bar and tool bar in Full Screen mode, as wx doesn't
    currently do this for us.

  + aven: Fix short-cut for toggling Full Screen mode.

  + aven: Make "About" menu item appear.

  + aven: Fix "Close" button in about dialog.

  + aven: Make custom cursors black with a white outline to match the standard
    OS X cursor.

  + svxedit: Now wrapped up in an application bundle as  It
    still doesn't really work like a standard app though - e.g. you can't load
    files from Finder (instead run and use File->Open), the font
    size of most menu items is wrong, the icon for the app is the wish icon
    rather than the svxedit icon, shortcuts use Ctrl not the Cmd key, and
    probably more.  I'd probably recommend using another editor (OS X comes
    with for example).

  + The documentation is now in a "Docs" directory alongside the apps, rather
    than in the rather less obvious "share/doc/survex" directory.

  + Default to building for x86_64, since all modern Macs are 64 bit.

  + Disable use of liblzma when building wxWidgets for OS X, which was
    preventing the build from working on OS X 10.6.8.

  + Download wx sources from SF via redirecting link.  Thanks to David A.

  + Handle the mount point for the disk image containing a

  + Link with a static build of PROJ for doing coordinate system conversions.

  + Build wx with --disable-webview to avoid a compilation failure on OS X

  + Use wx-config --cc and --cxx to get the compilers to use for building
    everything else, as wx adds options to them which otherwise cause linking

  + The diskimage (.dmg) file is now compressed with bzip2, which gives a
    smaller download.  This means OS X 10.4 is required, but we probably
    already need at least 10.5 because that's the minimum version which the
    wxWidgets build supports by default.

  + Remove unused files and copies of files from the diskimage.

* cavern: If the same leg is repeated consecutively, average the readings and
  treat as a single leg.

* dump3d: Report SEPARATOR used by the file being read.

* aven.svg: Fix visual glitch in SVG icon for aven.  Noted by David A. Riggs.

* aven:

  + Greatly reduce flicker when mouse is moved to the top of the screen in full
    screen mode and the menu bar reappears.

  + For export formats where scaling is supporting, aven now actually uses the
    scale specified in the export dialog (previously it ignored this and used

  + Reimplement animation so that it's based on angular change per unit of
    elapsed time, rather than averaging the time take for the last two scene
    redraws.  This gives smoother animation in the face of variable load and
    scene redraw time, and should be more consistent between platforms.

  + Switching to a point of the compass during auto-rotation now jumps straight
    there rather than the two animations fighting.

  + Reduce the maximum auto-rotation speed, as the previous limit was uselessly

  + Disable stepping the rotation angle when animating (previously we only did
    when rotating).

  + Speed up start-up a bit - rather than loading icons from individual PNG
    files on disk, compile them into the aven binary.

* (Unix version): Add "MimeType" field to desktop files so that file
  associations work out of the box with modern desktop environments.

* Add start of Hungarian translation from Imre Balogh.

* Merge in many updates to the Russian translation from "vsuhachev".

* Assorted minor updates to other translations.

* Create scalable (SVG) versions of file type icons.

* doc/manual.sgml: Remove $Id and $Date markers, as they don't get expanded now
  we're using git.

* tests/: Improve test coverage in a few places:

  + Extend tests of fore and back sights to test calibration of the back

  + Test "Can't calibrate angular and length quantities together" error.

  + Check that "*set names ." works when "." is also the decimal point.
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