Files for Aven? *** clueless noob alert ***

David Bush twixt at
Sun Apr 6 19:47:36 BST 2008

How many times have you read this before?

Where can I get files for Aven? According to the input file dialog, that would 
be either Survex 3D files, Compass PLT files, or CMAP XYZ files, whatever 
they are. Is there a repository somewhere for the general public? I saw the 
screenshot of the lechugilla data. That would do nicely.

I'm just a Linux geek who saw the aven package and decided to install it. It 
seems to run well under Kubuntu 7.10, but without any file to open, I can't 
really be sure. Were any files supposed to be included in the package?

Some mention of this issue on the website might help other noobs.

Thanks for your patience, and thanks for the cool software!


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