Still to do...

Olly Betts
Mon, 26 Feb 2001 18:16:37 +0000

Just to bring together what's left to do before 1.0:

In the 0.95 release announcement I said:
>Here's my list of things I'd definitely like in 0.96:
>* 3dtodxf: merge in Leandro's grid patch.  Look at including something
>  similar in printer drivers, caverot, and xcaverot too.

Leandro's grid patch is in 3dtodxf - it's less simple to do this in the
other cases but hopefully soon.

>* 3dtodxf: enhance to allow elevation view to be output for use in
>  coreldraw, etc.
>* xcaverot: allow multiple surveys to be loaded.
>* caverot: see if we can now get accents in messages under DOS.

All done.

>* xcaverot: investigate Mike Lake's delayed dragging problem.


>* Installer program for generating file associations under Windows.

Phil Underwood is looking at producing a more standard "installation wizard"
like he's done for chasm (I had envisaged a small program to run after

>* Update documentation (2 volunteers are currently working on this).

I'm still awaiting responses from these folk (prod).

Additionally, Mark Shinwell is planning to merge the GTK+-based unix version
and MFC-based MS Windows version of aven into one, using vxwindows for the

And finally, we need to sort out the items on the TODO and BUGS lists (by
which I mean either do them or decide not to for 1.0).