Cave surveying with LIDAR

Mike Lake mikel at
Wed Nov 13 09:50:51 GMT 2019

Hi Andrew

I have surveyed caves with a Zebedee quite a few years ago, before it 
was commercially available. Probably several kms of passage. That 
doesn't give me an expertise it it though :-) I use Meshlan and 
CloudCompare to view and manipulate the point cloud data.

This youtube video if of the Cliefden Main Cave Survey using the Zebedee
The data in here is downsampled quite a lot but still shows cars and 
trees on the surface. The cars on the surface just under the big tree 
gives a bit of scale.

Also surveyed a few other caves at Cliefden and at Wombeyan surveyed the 
entrance of Victoria Arch, and Wollondilly and Junction Caves. Also 
surveyed a quarry on the surface at Wombeyan Caves.

What did you want to know?


On 2019-11-13 00:31, Jeskynar wrote:
> Hi
> Does anyone here have experience with surveying caves using LIDAR?
> Andrew

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