Topics from British Caving Library Therion Weekend 2019

Andrew Atkinson andrew at
Tue Nov 12 15:32:49 GMT 2019

On 11/11/2019 21:43, Tarquin Wilton-Jones wrote:
> Andrew, please point me to the really cool boulder enhancements when
> your attr version is ready.

All done and put on the wiki.

You can even decide if you want the blocks to overlap the area border,
if you say yes the script will skip the moving and shrinking part and
just put them where they are. The wall still clip it, so you can have
rocks on the walls and rocks running along the border. This is only a
change if you use walls as area borders, if you use invisible borders,
it make nearly no difference

Although I say all done, I did waste a few hours trying to do error
checking, it would be good to see if the attr coming in where in the
right format, and drop back to defaults if they are not.

Various manuals say that I can use

numeric a

to check if a is a number, which would be a start, but I could not get
it or other things I tried to work.

Another thing from the weekend. punked is part of metafun, but still not
found out exactly what it does


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