Topics from British Caving Library Therion Weekend 2019

Tarquin Wilton-Jones tarquin.wilton-jones at
Mon Nov 11 21:43:22 GMT 2019

Hi folks,

Thanks again for the invite, and thanks for the assistance with my puzzles.

The bodge solution for multiple cross sections in Therion is documented
The simplification proposal is here:

Extended elevation investigation is partly documented, will publish it
on the Therion wiki when done.

Survex's Therion+Cavern 3D splay bug is here:

I am sure there were some other bugs that we were supposed to remember
though. Did I miss anything?

The symbols I showed are here:

Andrew, please point me to the really cool boulder enhancements when
your attr version is ready.

John, if you have documented your bat tracing technique anywhere, could
you share a URL?



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