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Paul De Bie paul.de.bie at skynet.be
Wed Feb 4 14:57:44 GMT 2015

> Sometime before sending, Andy Waddington typed (and on Wednesday 2015-02-04 at
> 14:11:15 sent):
> > In the Real World, the fact that they don't seem to have a version for Linux
> > will be a problem
> >
> OK, I revise that statement. What I should have said was

What you should have said was: In the Real World, practically nobody uses Linux
so there will be no problem at all.


Google for "operating system market share 2014" . Linux market share is +/- 1 %.
Not that is is neglectable - I'd like to have 1% of all the money in the world.
,But you'll get my point.

Anyway, nice that Google Earth Pro is now for free. I had a paid version for
some years, and I used it in the past to calculate surfaces of polygons (and
undegrround rooms also -> load in the survey as an image overlay and scale it
correctly. Draw a polygon over the areas that you want to know the surface off,
and voilà...

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