Fwd: [LT] Google Earth Pro

Andy Waddington (Cave Surveying mailbox) surveys at pennine.ddns.me.uk
Wed Feb 4 14:19:26 GMT 2015

Sometime before sending, Andy Waddington typed (and on Wednesday 2015-02-04 at 14:11:15 sent):
> In the Real World, the fact that they don't seem to have a version for Linux
> will be a problem 
OK, I revise that statement. What I should have said was

The fact that the download page says that system requirements are
Windows XP, Vista or 7, or Mac OS X, and makes no reference to
availability for Linux, will be a problem.

Apparently its just that documentation that is way out of date, and
if you click the download link on a Linux machine it does start to
download a version that is apparently targeted at Linux systems
(but it doesn't say what architecture - am I getting an AMD64, i386,
ARM version, or what ? )


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