BCRA Grade 5

Rolf Kummer rolf@speleo.ch
Thu, 16 Jan 2003 22:52:49 +0100

Hi there

Wookey wrote:
> I don't think that's true bob. I'm sure there have been efforts to quantify
> the accuracy of surveys. For example I have analysed a large number of CUCC
> calibration readings to try and understand something about the errors in a
> survey. (these are not a real survey but because there are  a lot of them
> repeated they are a useful test case).
> And Larry Fish has run statistical analysis on large surveys to see how
> accurate they really are.
> I'm sure there have been others.

Yes there are!

You can have a look on the site of the HRH:

Im soory, for the moment only very few text is translated to English
http://www.sghbern.ch/page/hrh/Eichung/resul00e.html (this one is in

this one should anyway show you what we do:

and some results:

Actually I use in Toporobot horizontal and vertical angles accuracy of
+/- 1 degree; Distances accurate to +/- 2 cm. - and it works very well
in Baerenschacht (almost 60km)

Best wishes
Rolf Kummer

(*) on-going calibrating is a hell a lot of work. Therefore that
    lack perhaps ;-) But dooing surveys a second or a third time is