WinKarst v9.4 update

Garry Petrie
Mon, 13 Jan 2003 18:07:37 -0800

Version 9.4 is available and address a number of bugs and improvements.
For the complete install package

Or just the zipped executable

The update includes:

****       WINKARST VERSION 9.4 Bug Fixes                 ****
o Fixed problem switching between surveys in editor.

o Sketch registered station name changes with global station
  name change.

o Typing survey or cave name in main window drop down lists
  changes to selected object.

o Fixed problem deleting last shot of survey.

o Trying to reload a sketch bitmap in the editor changes the
  current sketch for which the attempt was made.

****       WINKARST VERSION 9.3 Bug Fixes                 ****
o Exported bitmaps are fixed to same aspect ratio as main
  program window.

o Allow for reading of non-native file types as a include
  file, does not save non-native include files.

o Editor data fields retain values when focus changes via
  either the TAB keystroke or mouse pointer.

o Increased print buffer to 128MB for printing sketches.

o Better detection of presence of sketch in field of view.

o Plot by station initially picks foreground color.

o Problem processing shot sequences with jump and void shots.

o Repeated selection of same station cause multiple entries
  in the properties list.

o Station to station measurement reports inclination angle.

o Survey data change marked as modified survey.

o Unable to enter 'v' as a void shot code.

o Deleting backsighted shot has correct TO and FROM stations.