SMAPS surveyin-work

Karen Jensen
Wed, 20 Mar 2002 13:09:52 -0500 (EST)

Thanks for all your help ... it has been very informative and usefule.

As regards printing... yes I am printing OK with my Epson printer, but I
would like to print-to-filefor further manipulation in other routines. I
have 2 Epson drivers and 3 HP drivers in the SMAPS main directory:


I have tried print-to-fiole using the hpgl and hpljl/hpljh drivers. A plot
file is generated, but it contains only a single line of output:


and nothing more.

Any idea what is going on ??

Also, the alt-F1 helpmenu gives as options for F3:  cut block;   F4:paste

I have progressed far enough in SMAPS 4.2 that I can rearrange the data
and get an accurate stick map output.However, there are many tunnels
lacking wall and ceiling data which will need to be filled in from
'memory' for now, and refined later with actual data [the time limitations
on underwater surveys,esp at these depths and penetrations, is a heavy
constraint as to what can be acconplished. Steve Berman did a remarkable
job as it is].

I am presently writing a short C++ routine to reaarange the txt output
from SMAPS to a useable format for input to WinKarst --- I'll see how that

Thanks again for your help !!

Karen Jensen
Gainesville, FL