SMAPS surveyin-work

Ken Grimes
Tue, 19 Mar 2002 16:26:14 +1100


>... Version 4.2 is solidly pre-windows, and as such no 'clipboards' or 'trashcans' were incorporated in it.

V 5 (1992) is still DOS also, the cliboard is internal, but operates in similar fashion to windows.  Does your Alt-F1 help screen indicate Cut and Paste for F3, F4?  If not, then I guess those functions must have only arrived in V5.

>...this data is already in footric mode, do you foresee any problem if I try this ??

Probably not.  I exported to SEF, and it correctly included a line indicating the data was metric, but when I imported it into ... (either Win Karst, or Compass, forget which) everything got multiplied by 25.4 or some such.  I think the problem was in the importing software rather than the SEF.

>...One more question ...there is a menu option called 'Commands' which brings
up a dialog for entering explicit commands. 

I think that is for DOS commands - eg for outside file management.
Not much point under Windows as you can multitask your usual file manager alongside SMAPS.

>...I have discovered that I can export the raw data as a text file in which
the commentlines remain intact, and the data lines are space/tab
delimited. This means I can manipulate the data in Excel, etc. Tailoring
it for input into other software just became easier.

I will leave it to others on the cave-surveying list to talk about importing SEF to other programs as I have not got far with that.

I export my results (i.e. the suitably rotated image of the survey framework) from the VIEW screen by plotting to a HPGL file (via the SMAPS HPGL driver, of which I seem to have copies for both v4.3 & v5.2, if you need that).  In the setup of the HPGL driver specify a LARGE paper size, and use a plot scale that fills as much of that as possible (that improves the accuracy)!  I then suck the HPGL file into either Corel Draw, or Generic CADD and add the sketch detail in that.

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