UIS grades - update

Andy Waddington on Survey stuff Survex@pennine.demon.co.uk
Wed, 13 Mar 2002 15:27:42 GMT

> which unfortunately I don't have to hand.

Yes, I do, I just needed to look harder (found when putting the later
publication back on the shelf )-:

Transactions of the Cave Research Group of Great Britain, Vol. 8 No. 2

July 1966  "Cave Surveying" by A.L. Butcher & C.L. Railton

Chapter 2 "Standards of Accuracy" pp 4-6.

The Introduction states "This is a complete revision of 'Cave Survey' by
A.L.Butcher published in 1950" which Dave Irwin's article (already cited)
referred to as the first attempt to produce a definitive list of cave survey

The authors are somewhat dismissive of copyright (Chapter 10, "The question of
Copyright on Surveys", p 36) so perhaps I should scan this publication and put
it up on the web somewhere. I tend to think that *all* caving organisations
have a duty to support UAP (Universal Availability of Publications), and as
reprinting is generally prohibitively expensive for a miniscule demand, all
these out-of-print publications should be on the web, if only for historical
interest. Many caving clubs with much smaller memberships and far less
financial resources than BCRA (successor to CRG) have done this. BCRA please
get on with it, forthwith !!