Bryan Ellis - Caving Books

David Gibson
Wed, 13 Mar 2002 08:56:52 +0000

In article "UIS grades - update" in <!cave-surveying>, on Tue, 12 Mar
2002 Olly Betts <> wrote

>I don't think he wrote a book called "Cave Surveying".  There's "An
>Introduction to Cave Surveying" and "Surveying Caves".

That's right. Details are...

Ellis, B.M., Surveying Caves, British Cave Research Association,
Bridgwater, 1976, ISBN 0 900 265 03 5

Ellis, B.M., An Introduction to Cave Surveying, British Cave Research
Association, Bridgwater, 1988, ISBN 0 900 265 07 8

The first book has been out of print for some years.  The second is also
out of print now but, as Olly said, a revised edition is being prepared.

For information about BCRA publications

PS: For information about second-hand copies, try posting a question to
news:uk.rec.caving or There are a number of
shops in the UK that stock second-hand caving books.

PS2: Bryan Ellis died around three years ago and BCRA has been in
complete and utter turmoil ever since :-(

PS3: It occurs to me that we could do with putting information about
BCRA surveying grades on the BCRA web site. If someone would like to
send me some text, perhaps dress it up with a photo or two, I'll get
this done. (Im BCRA's web site editor).
David Gibson