Survex 1.4.3 released

Olly Betts olly at
Tue May 17 05:45:05 BST 2022

Survex 1.4.3 is now available:

The most notable change in this version is probably the improved support
for HiDPI monitors.  Please report any remaining HiDPI issues you have.

Here's the full NEWS file entry for this release:

Changes in 1.4.3 (2022-05-17):

* aven: Much improved support for HiDPI monitors on all platforms.

* aven: When started without a file make sure the window has focus so menu
  accelerators and shortcuts work without clicking on the window.

* aven,survexport: DXF export now puts splays in a separate layer and uses a
  dotted linetype for them.  Patch from echarlie, see #60.

* Improved survexport man page to include command line options and a short
  note about DXF export.  Patch from echarlie.

* Minor translation updates.

* (Unix version): aven: Fix handling of EGL-based wxGLCanvas (which wxGTK 3.1.5
  has).  Fix a build failure and don't force X11 (as the EGL-based wxGLCanvas
  works on Wayland).

* (MacOS version): aven: Fix hang on startup without a file.  Fixes #120,
  reported by Enrico Fratnik.

* (Microsoft Windows version): Now using wxWidgets 3.1.6 (was 3.0.5).

* img library: Support reproducible builds which create .3d files by not
  embedding a timestamp if environment variable SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH is set.
  Requested by Martin Budaj.

Here are SHA256 checksums should you want to verify the integrity of the

ecdb464def713513c4bc6f5f4367c2ea1b502c43077ea1a604cd9ece18baa0d3  survex-1.4.3.tar.gz
21a2d7c6145e836e7dec29d4eacb54da34bb7b3d8575215468eaf4d3d598fe23  survex-win32-1.4.3.exe

There are also detached GPG signatures in the download directory:

There are "release notes" on the wiki, which I'll try to keep updated
with any issues found, so take a look there for the latest information:

Please report any issues you find which are not covered in the release
notes to the bug tracker:

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