Survex 1.2.38 released

Olly Betts olly at
Wed Mar 6 04:01:52 GMT 2019

Survex 1.2.38 is now available:

This is not a very exciting release - mostly I wanted to address the
incorrect definition of "mils".  I suspect nobody is actually using 
them as for bearings, you'd get a warning about the value being too
large for about 93% of readings.  But for clino readings it might
escape notice.

Here's the full NEWS file entry for this release:

Changes in 1.2.38 (2019-03-02):

* cavern:

  + Deprecate MILS as angular units.  Survex has long support MILS as an alias
    for GRADS.  However, this seems to be a bogus definition of a "mil" which
    is unique to Survex (except that Therion has since copied it) - there are
    several different definitions of a "mil" but they vary from 6000 to 6400 in
    a full circle, not 400.  Reported by Andy Edwards.

  + Fix segfault for *include "".  This isn't useful, but shouldn't crash.  It
    now reports "file not found" instead.

  + Use isnan() to check for not-a-number.  This is cleaner, more robust and
    more efficient than formatting the number as a string and checking for
    "NaN" or "nan" in the result.

* Avoid unused variable warning when compiling from source with modern ffmpeg.

* Drop support for wxWidgets < 3.0.  3.0.0 was released over 5 years ago and
  should be easily available everywhere by now.  I'm no longer easily able to
  test with wxWidgets 2.8, and this allows a significant amount of cruft to be

* (Linux version): survex.spec: Fedora have removed gcc from the default build
  environment so need to explicitly list it in the BuildRequires tag.  See for more
  information.  Patch from James Begley.

Here are SHA256 checksums should you want to verify the integrity of the

70920158d2a309d872080f3f5ad3e2bcac212f34803fd869cfff90f6c25a685a  survex-1.2.38.tar.gz
55bc4ff4d11060c764e496b6ab93768f7c477a7daaa4ff4e23c021c30999ba6d  survex-win32-1.2.38.exe

There are also detached GPG signatures in the download directory:

There are "release notes" on the wiki, which I'll try to keep updated
with any issues found, so take a look there for the latest information:

Please report any issues you find which are not covered in the release
notes to the bug tracker (

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