Survex 1.2.31 released

Olly Betts olly at
Sun Jul 2 01:02:56 BST 2017

Survex 1.2.31 is now available:

This is the first release for nearly 9 months, so includes quite a lot
of changes - there's an assortment of bugs fixes, plus some new
features, most notably:

* extend now support handling of splays in a simple fashion.

* "*data" without any arguments can now be used for branches passage
  data, rather than having to repeated the full data style.

See the NEWS file entry below for a full list of changes.

There's no Mac OS X build yet - I'll try to sort one out shortly.

Here are SHA256 checksums should you want to verify the integrity of the

b811e94518ddb64e3f84c6a8fbd3aae0c02d46d4d19e65d434f2f3cf0bd7cfa3  survex-1.2.31.tar.gz
0b55b3e0b8ad8fa453d99c28b11f6a7e579c7b03f25a2b549d898dfa9a73a958  survex-win32-1.2.31.exe

There are also detached GPG signatures in the download directory:

There are "release notes" on the wiki, which I'll try to keep updated
with any issues found, so take a look there for the latest information:

Please report any issues you find which are not covered in the release
notes to the bug tracker (


Changes in 1.2.31 (2017-07-01):

* aven:

  + Use superscript 'g' symbol instead of word 'grads' in status bar.  This
    conserves the limited space available, and we already do this in the
    compass and clino indicators so it's more consistent too.

  + Show one decimal place on measure line bearing.  Pointed out by Benedikt
    Hallinger on the therion list, though I'm sure this has been asked for
    before by others.

  + Show gradient of the measuring line when both ends are stations.

  + Allow selection of text in cavern log window.  Selection was disabled in
    1.2.28 because it seemed you couldn't actually copy selected text to the
    clipboard, but retesting this now actually works fine for me, both with
    current git master with the change reverted, and with code just before the
    original change.

  + More robust parsing of cavern output (cleanly handle context highlighting
    which extends beyond the end of the line).

  + Allow showing duplicate legs as dashed lines or hiding them entirely,
    with dashed now being the default.  Implemented by Patrick Warren.

  + Also allow "Dashed" for splays and "Faded" for duplicate legs.

  + Splay legs in surface data are also shown faded.

  + Check environment variables VISUAL and EDITOR when looking for editor to
    use when a warning or error is clicked on in the cavern log window.  The
    specified editor may have a GUI or need to run in a terminal, so we have to
    special-case each editor supported, and that means we can pass extra
    options needed to position the cursor on the appropriate line/column.
    Currently these editors are supported: gvim, nvim, vim, gedit, pluma,
    emacs, nano, jed, kate.  Suggested by Wookey.

  + Fix handling of non-square terrain data files - the X and Y dimensions were
    swapped.  Reported by detrito.

  + Improve parsing of DEM data with .hdr file.  Use documented defaults for
    more values, and where we only support a subset of values (or a particular
    value) check for unsupported values in more cases.

  + When colouring by depth, fix colouring and texturing of polygons which
    cross depth bands.  The previous problems were most obvious with high
    chambers and long legs down deep pitches, especially in for surveys without
    much vertical range.

  + Support for drawing blobs using point sprites was added in 1.2.28,
    but caching that this worked wasn't hooked up properly so the test to
    see if this worked would happen at the start of each run.  This is now
    cached as intended which should reduce start up time a little when blobs
    are drawn in this way.

  + Fix drawing of crosses with lines.  This is a fall-back case which is
    rarely used as most OpenGL setups will handle a better method, but it was
    resulting in crosses with a four-pixel square in the centre - now the
    centre should be a single pixel.

* cavern:

  + Allow *data with no arguments to reset the current style - useful for
    entering passage data where there are side passages.

  + Fix hang processing file without newline at end.  This bug was introduced
    by changes in 1.2.28.  Reported by Mark Brown.

  + (Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows versions): Build with newer version of
    PROJ library which fixes buggy handling of *fix with lat-long coordinates.
    Also add a testcase to the testsuite to alert users building for themselves
    with an affected PROJ version on any platform.  Reported by Ross Davidson.

  + Fix cavern to handle Compass .DAT with no survey team.  Previously this
    resulted in the bogus error: Expecting numeric field, found "FROM"
    Reported by Erin Lynch.

  + Handle UTF-8 "BOM" at start of .svx files.  Unicode doesn't recommend its
    use, but Microsoft stuff seems to like to create files with it in, and the
    error cavern currently reports for such files is very confusing, so it
    seems best to just handle it.  Reported by Rob Eavis.

  + Change a couple of messages to use double quotes for consistency with all
    other messages.

* extend:

  + Now runs a bit faster.

  + Splays are now carried over the extended survey.  The current handling
    is simplistic, but should do a good enough job to be more useful than
    discarding splays.  The splays at each station are all rotated together
    based on the bearing between the stations either side of the current one
    along the first path extended through that station.  This nicely handles
    dead ends and the situation at the top or bottom of a pitch, and should
    tend to pick an angle close to the passage orientation along a traverse.
    It's weakest at junctions.  Feedback (especially examples which could
    be handled better) most welcome.

* French translation is now up to date again, thanks to Jean-Marc.

* Remove erroneous menu shortcut markers from Polish translations.

* Fill in some missing translations in several languages by using message
  translations from therion.

* Add note to *fix documentation to clarify the coordinate order with *cs
  long-lat.  Issue raised by Ross Davidson.

* Fix errors in documentation of *units: "DEG" should be "DEGS", and
  "MINUTES" has been supported for ages but wasn't documented.  Reported by

* Fix a few typos in the documentation.

* Fix compilation warning with recent GCC.

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