Survex 1.2.27 released

Olly Betts olly at pippikin
Fri Jun 10 19:54:17 BST 2016

Survex 1.2.27 is now available:

There are quite a lot of changes in this release.  The most notable are
probably that aven now supports restricitng the view to a subsurvey and
generating extended elevations, and cavern can now automatically correct for
Grid Convergence (the difference between Grid North and True North).

See the NEWS file entry below for a full list.

Here are SHA1 checksums should you want to verify the integrity of the

c843a0d46fb893833a16510fdd5ed3036eabfdf7  survex-1.2.27.tar.gz
d5d06a085456bb3f484f304489447dd72050923d  survex-macosx-1.2.27.dmg
8eb1a1270f95a37f933337fa1562d9ae1e1b1846  survex-win32-1.2.27.exe

There are also detached GPG signatures in the download directory:

There are "release notes" on the wiki, which I'll try to keep updated
with any issues found, so take a look there for the latest information:

Please report any issues you find which are not covered in the release
notes to the bug tracker (


Changes in 1.2.27 (2016-06-06):

* aven:

  + Right click on a survey in the survey tree now gives a pop-up menu
    with "Hide others", which restricts the view to just that survey
    and any subsurveys.  Right click on the root of the survey tree
    gives a menu with "Show all" to undo any restriction in effect.
    (Currently these are implemented by reloading the file and using
    the same machinery as the --survey= command line option, but that will
    probably change in the future).

  + If there's a sub-survey restriction (from the --survey= command line
    option or the new UI described above) it is now shown in brackets after
    the survey tree root.

  + When reloading a survey, preserve the current view position (previously
    the view was recentred).

  + When reloading a survey, actually preserve the current scale factor
    (this was meant to happen, but the adjustment was applied in the
    wrong direction).

  + New "File->Extended Elevation..." menu item provides a way to generate
    extended elevations for simple cases without having to use the command
    line.  Suggested by Fleur Loveridge.

  + Don't process key presses if accompanied by an unexpected modifier key.
    In particular, this means that aven no longer interferes with Alt+<function
    key> (which is typically handled by the desktop) and Alt+<letter> (which is
    typically a menu short cut).  Reported by Владимир Георгиев.

  + Reduce file loading time by ~5%.  The station name compare function was
    something of a hot spot, and optimising it yielded a nice improvement.

  + Allow splay legs to be disabled in when printing and exporting.  Mostly
    addresses #60.

  + SVG export now shows splay legs thinner and in grey.  See #60.

  + Fix export of rotated plans and tilted elevations - previously plans were
    always aligned with North up, and elevations which weren't exactly side on
    were exported as plans.  Reported by Stuart Bennett.

  + Fix offset bounding box for exported elevations.

  + In print/export dialog the bearing value now wraps if you scroll up past
    360 or down past 0.

  + Fix greying out of LRUD-based controls in the print/export dialog when the
    view is tilted (i.e. not plan or elevation).  This stopped working in
    1.2.18 when the pan and tilt spin controls were changed from integer- to
    real-valued ones.

  + Printouts now show LRUD as pale grey arrows from the station they are
    measured from.  Based on patch from Michael Sargent.  Closes #65.

  + Take LRUD into account for printout size.  Fixes #72, reported by Erin

  + Update movie export code to work with latest version of FFmpeg.

  + Make "Show Log" a toggle, so you can click on the button to take a look at
    the log, and a second click returns you to the survey view.

  + (Microsoft Windows version): Open the font file in binary mode - it looks
    like we were lucky and the font file (or at least its current version)
    would have loaded OK in text mode despite being binary data.

  + (Microsoft Windows version): Exporting to files with non-ASCII filenames
    should now work.

* cavern:

  + Allow tape or backtape to be omitted.  Reported by Erin Lynch.

  + Grid convergence is now corrected for when using automatically
    calculated declinations (*declination auto <X> <Y> <Z>).  Requested
    by Mateusz Golicz on the mailing list.

  + Clear any cached calculated declination upon another *declination auto
    with different coordinates.  Previously if the date stayed the same,
    a previously cached declination for the old coordinates was used.

  + Fix check for end of version number array in *required.   We would check up
    to 12 version components, the last 9 being bogus.  In practice, *require is
    only likely to be used with up to three components, so this wouldn't be an

  + *begin with an invalid prefix could cause a crash in some cases.  Fixed
    by patch from Colin Watson.

  + Report column locations for errors to do with readings.

* Merge translation updates from Jean-Marc.

* img library: Better document which members can be set when writing.
  Highlighted by email query about use of img API from Владимир Георгиев.

* Document how *declination interacts with *calibrate declination if both are
  used in the same dataset.

* doc/3dformat.htm: Update details of how changes to the current label buffer
  are encoded to reflect changes in v8.  Reported by Angus Sawyer.

* Use docbook2man instead of docbook-to-man to generated Unix man pages
  from SGML source.  The latter seems to be no longer actively maintained, and
  docbook2man now does a similarly good job.

* Use https for links, and for other sites which support it.
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