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Thu Aug 18 01:44:50 BST 2016

At Eurospeleo I sat down with Erin Lynch (mostly translating), and
Zhang Hai (who uses chinese Windows) to see some problems when you run
Survex on it.

These issues should have tickets, but sending summary here first for discussion. 

On any version of survex on any OS: If you process a file which has a
*begin string which contains UTF-8 chinese characters, e.g.:
*begin 洞

you get:
ChineseTest.svx:1:8: error: Character “�” not allowed in station name (use *SET NAMES to set allowed characters)

Which I guess is technically correct, but very unhelpful to chinese
people. Do we do the same ting to anypone who used accented characters
in latin languages, or cyrillic characters?

Is it reasonable to restrict survey names to US-ASCII characters in
these days of UTF-8 in a nominally internationalised program?  Perhaps
more chars should be added to the list of chars allowed in survey and
station names?

On Windows 7: 32bit machine, with some kind of chinese locale set - I
don't know how to get the definitive info on this.

With survex 1.2.24:

* If the path containing 3d files has chinese characters in it, trying to load the file in Aven gives: "File argument's filename has bad encoding".

* Right-click menu 'process' (and two entries above) is not in Chinese.

* Aven menu names and items and errors are all in English.

Upgrading to survex 1.2.27:
Installer works in Chinese.
* Opening from a Chinese path is now OK.

* Aven menu names and items and errors are all in English.

* Double-click still opens in notepad. I.e existing 'process' is not overwritten with new 'run aven-on-doubleclick'. Perhpas this is intentional?

On Windows 8, in US-english, 64-bit machine:

Log output displayed in aven is selectable but not ctrl-C copyable or
right-click 'copy' copyable.  


So 1.2.27 has fixed one issue in 1.2.24 (loading from UTF-8 paths),
leaving the problem that the locale seems not to be being picked up at
all (Chinese simplified vs Traditional)? And the above matter of
*NAMES defaults.

Principal hats:  Linaro, Debian, Wookware, ARM
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