Survex 1.2.8 released

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Now that's bloody weird, 'cos that's not the enmail I intended to send?

The draft I wrote after - and thought I sent - discussed incorporating the
several million point data sets from laser scanning of large chambers with
conventional survey data to produce models that could be visualised and
manipulted in Aven

Rum things, these computers.


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You say:

"Perhaps when higher resolution terrain data become readily available."

I use the data that Mike McCombe's terraintool picks up from NASA. As far as
I am aware, each elevation measurement point in their new data is 30 metres
apart. Now, for something like the Cheddar Catchment project, which
currently has a base map which is 12 km by 6 km, that gives 80,000 data
points. Ok, you say, that's a smaller area than you have in Austria, but the
crunch comes from the fact that in Survex at present it's simply unusable as
at that point density you cannot see through it to the caves underneath.

So the way in which it is visualised needs to be changed & Aven needs to be
able to vary the transparency of the surface layer, possibly in the same way
that it now (to my delight) varies the transparency of splays, but more
incrementally. It'll need to do it on the fly as well.


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