Survex digest, Vol 1 #136 - 3 msgs

Eric Madelaine
Thu, 09 Aug 2001 18:55:30 +0200

>	- vertical
>	- bissectrice (= average between the surrounding shots)
>	- horizontal

You are right, but this can be very useful for representing the head of a pit.
The way I would do it is to specify two mesures for such a point, one vertical 
and the next one horizontal, attached to the same station (or to two stations 
separeted by a zero-length leg).
In the real life I do not use Toporobot, but the french software VTOPO, that does 
not provide horizontal measures....

Of course one could argue that the same scheme could be applied also to 
horizontal LR measures. 
Or generalized, having as many successive transversal measures as necessary, 
giving an angle for each. This last method might well be at least used internally
as a unified scheme that encode the various simple methods. said:
> Without a specific "up", it would be hard to determine where LR would
> go as opposed  to UD

Well I guess you can fix your LR direction according to whatever scheme you are 
using, e.g. bissectrice, then proceed with the UD data with the hypothese 
that is is to be in the plan orthogonal to this LR line...