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Hi mailing list for the cave surveying group,

Thought i'd try it out seen as now i'm subscribed.

I've been mulling over updating the cave surveying group website, specifically around the expedition/methods page. http://cp.cavesurveying.org.uk/index.php/articles/11-an-expedition-approach?start=3

My thoughts are that we could showcase some of the methods used by the british-European expeditions which are the training ground for many cavers.

Starting with a brief introduction to how they collect and process data, then delving into more detail as to how they do it on further pages.

I've got the following brief notes so far, I doubt it's 50% accurate so far, so would like some input. I will confirm details with each exped leader before posting anything online.

Dachstein- Fully paperless surveying to Therion.

CUCC, Austria- Electronic trad (disto+book) and trad surveying, paper notes kept in folder with full trip details. Tunnel used as drawing package.

Imperial, Slovenia- 50:50 trad to Paperless, unknown drawing package [update].

Tresviso- a weighting towards Paperless, however dive surveying and harsh environment done on trad. Drawing packages both Adobe Illustrator and Therion.




Alastair Gott.

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