UK Cave Technology Symposium 2011

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Tue Dec 28 19:22:05 GMT 2010

UK Cave Technology Symposium 2011

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The next BCRA Cave Technology Symposium will take place on 
Saturday 9 April 2011 at Hulland Ward Village Hall, near Ashbourne,
Derbyshire, UK. This is the venue we visited in 2007 for the first of
these symposiums.

As usual, this one-day symposium - organised by BCRA's special interest
groups CREG and CSG - is expected to coincide with the Cave Surveying
Group's spring field meeting. Field trips and 'classroom' sessions (CREG
and CSG) may be offered on the Sunday, and will be announced in due

Abstracts of talks (or at the very least, titles!) are requested by 
1 March 2011.

This year, the lecture secretary is myself, David Gibson. Accommodation
and CSG activities are being handled by Allan Richardson. The address
mailto:tech-sym at will reach us both.

I would particularly like to include a photography and video theme this
year, so if you wish to talk about video editing software, video
lighting, unusual digital techniques or whatever ... please start
thinking about it now!

Further information will be sent out by email in due course to those who
are registered with the Tech-Sym announcement list at  

Information will also be posted from time to time to the BCRA news forum

In case you were not aware, copies of last year's presentations are
available at, together with a copy of Mike
Bedford's report that appeared in CREG journal 74. A version of this
article will appear in the next issue of Speleology.

David Gibson

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