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Tue May 16 15:14:11 BST 2006

Creative Commons  licence

In a the Dutch Wikipedia community the CC-NoDerivs (CC-[BY-]ND) and
non-commercial do not get the full support [1]. In near future it might
not be allowed in Wikipedia at all.
With the protection of CC-"No Derives" (-ND) you could place a description
of the source or the maker in the image of, for example, your map.
But in the Netherlands, Wikipedia will not support this licence. And so
the will be able to remove this information.

GNU licence

Wikipedia supports the GNU Free Documentation License [2]. However GNU is
primary ment to be used for software and documents. I experienced that, if
you only have an image like a map, most people will not look at it as a
document. They will gladly use all the rights of the GNU and forget all
about "you should" and you "must".

With those experiences you will lose the confidence in CC licences. When
people start manipulating source-, context and other essential information
it might make the results useless. Maybe in I feel this problem because I
see more and more reproductive writing and re-"search" by "Cut and paste"

Wikipedia links:

> On Tuesday 2006-05-16 12:42, GRAHAM MULLAN wrote:
> .........
> I would still
> suggest that a Creative Commons licence would have been appropriate, with
> an Attribution-non-commercial-sharealike version seeming most appropriate.
> ....

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