SMAPS surveyin-work

Karen Jensen
Mon, 18 Mar 2002 13:46:40 -0500 (EST)

Thank you for your input Ken.

Yes ... alt-F1 opens a menu structure specific for either the
directly listings or for the individual surveys. Stupidly, once 'F1' did
nothing but bring up menus, I never tried alt-F1. The menu layouts are
exactly as for the ver 5 you reference. Version 4.2 is solidly
pre-windows, and as such no 'clipboards' or 'trashcans' were incorporated
in it.

I have received some other emails suggesting I export the files to SEF
format,then incorporate them into other software. I haven't seen anyway in
SMAPS 4.2 to 'formally'export,though there are some options for writing
file blocks and saving files.Since I don'tknow what the SEF format is yet,
I'll have to investigate further.

You comment that you always had difficulties exporting data and
incorporating it in other software, esp. in regard to metric-footric
conversion.Since I'm in the USA, this data is already in footric mode, do
you foresee any problem if I try this ??

...and thanks for your helpful suggestions... I have already made some
good progress in the few hours sincve I got your email!

Gainesville, FL, USA