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Ken Grimes
Thu, 21 Mar 2002 14:51:49 +1100

At 01:09 PM 20-03-2002 -0500, Karen Jensen wrote:
>I have tried print-to-fiole using the hpgl and hpljl/hpljh drivers. A plot
>file is generated, but it contains only a single line of output:

That looks like initialisation, but nothing further.
Possibly it thinks your plot is outside the paper area.

Do you have a file called HPGL.DOC?
That gives some directions for setting up the HPGL driver.
You have to specify the paper size you are using (for plot to file followed by import to a CADD program make it as big as will work).

The relevant bit says:
"2. When connected to a unidirectional serial or parallel port or output
   is being sent to a file.

In this mode, the plotting area must be specified before starting
SMAPS.  This is done by executing the following statements:

	set HPGLWIDTH=<paper width in inches>
	set HPGLHEIGHT=<paper height in inches>

What that means is that you set the values in the DOS environment before running SMAPS.
I use the following batch file (written for 4DOS, you will have to simplify it for standard DOS by deleting everything on each line after the ^ which is a 4DOS command separator.  I also forget whether : works as a comment in standard DOS, substitute 'REM' if not)
Note that an earlier experiment with larger values has been commented out!

:SMAPS survey plots
cd \smaps52
: set HPGL Plot paper size in inches (oversize (x10) for txfer to Generic CADD)
:SET HPGLWIDTH=100           ^:100 was buggy?  too large
SET HPGLWIDTH=30           ^:works OK
:SET HPGLHEIGHT=50          ^:buggy, too large

>Also, the alt-F1 helpmenu gives as options for F3:  cut block;   F4:paste

Ah good, and it sounds like you have started using them.


PS: I live a couple of hours east of Mt Gambier (Australia), which is also soft-rock karst with cenotes & flooded cave systems (but I'm not a diver).  But here at home is volcanics with lava tubes.

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