SMAPS surveyin-work

Karen Jensen
Sat, 16 Mar 2002 15:32:28 -0500 (EST)


I was referred to this site by 'Wookey'. I have been trying to locate
information on how to use SMAPS 4.2 ...a manual would be nice ...I have
undertaken a project to complete a survey that was in its final stages. My
best friend in life, Steve Berman, was one of our area's most experienced
and prestigious cave diving explorers and instructors. Steve died cave
diving last spring while taking some 'final touch' survey measurements
over 3500 feet back in the Devil's Ear underwater cave system at Ginnie
Springs, Florida, USA.

Steve's widow Anita just released Steve's first portion of the map, which
he had completed before his death. Portion 1 covers the main tunnel for
the first 1800 feet,with many offshoots and circuits. Anita and I are very
close, and she has asked me to complete the 2nd portion of the map from
1800 feet and beyond.

I am a 'retired' cave diver/instructor... Steve and I worked together and
dove together for many years. I am very familiar with the system, but only
somewhat familiar with SMAPS 4.2. I have stumbled through most of his
surveys in the SMAPS program and can convert and print individual surveys,
even directory groups of surveys.I am stuck trying to link together
surveys in different directories, which is a problem since the starting
reference points in these particular surveys (and some interior
reference points) refer to shot stations in the mainline or other
offshoots in different directories.

Does anyone have a SMAPS 4.2 manual, or upgrade software that I can move
SMAPS data into ??  


Karen Jensen
Gainesville, Florida