CDFN: WG organization

Michael Lake
Thu, 11 Jan 2001 23:20:37 +1100

Hi Andreas and all,

Andreas Neumann wrote:
> Concerning the name of the standard I would suggest the name "CDX" or
> "KDX" for "Cave/Karst Data Exchange Format" with the X representing
> "eXtensible/eXchange/XML". "CKX", as Peter proposes, is not so easy to
> pronounce but integrates both. 
....see below.

> Concerning the discussion "DTD" vs. "Schema" my opinion is definitely that
> we should provide both: a DTD because it can be used by the newest
> browsers to provide at least some sort of validation and is easy to
> generate. A "Schema" because we can specify specific datatypes and ranges,
> although it will take some to time until it really supported by all
> involved tools and parsers.

A very good point. That brings me to documentation see below.

> I will shortly post an alternative list to separate discussion from the
> more general surveying issues ... although I am still unsure of the name
> the list should have - my favourites are "CDX" and "CaveXML".

In choosing a name one thing to bear in mind is cavers. Professional
speleologists know about Karst but many cavers don't. Cavers will start
to hear about XML soon as it makes its way into browsers and is useful
to them . They will be able to guess what CaveXML or CaveSurveyXML or
CaveMapXML is or at least have an idea that it might be useful to them.
CDX won't ring a bell or pickup on the XML 'bandwagon'. Suppose this is
really a bit of marketing here but it might help if we choose a name
that cavers will understand and remember. 


If we go for DTDs and Schemas and we want to produce documentation in
HTML and prob PostScript for printing it would be nice to produce all
this from the one source file and if for all of us to be able to
contribute. The way I have all my documentation is in 'noweb' which prob
isn't suitable as few people know it. Eg I have my 'noweb' source file
and "make dtd / make html / make ps creates the DTD, HTML and PostScript
documentation. Do any of you guys use SGML DocBook. Thats a far more
used documentation tool and I'd be prepared to learn it.

Also what browsers are you using for viewing XML and parsers for
DTDs/Schemas. Do we want to try and use a particular one. I've not used
one at all yet. (Linux system)

Michael Lake
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