CDFT Format name and related work
Tue, 9 Jan 2001 11:44:32 GMT

I (Martin Laverty based in S Wales, UK) would suggest KML (Karst Markup Language) for the name of 
the format. This emphasises the fact that it is a markup language and removes any suggestion that 
we are limiting its use to just caves or to mere data exchange. 

If the lack of an available domain name is really a problem, how about KFML (Karst Features Markup 
Language)? (As an aside, CML has an august history as Chemical Markup Language, and the ChiMeraL
site at is well worth a visit or three to begin to appreciate 
the potential of XML) 

I have been increasingly interested in XML since about last March both for caving projects and at 
work, where we have been impressed by its synergy with Java programming.
I have started demonstrating and documenting uses of XML and SVG for:
 cave survey recording and drawing; 
 cave register recording, area mapping, and publication
 XSLT stylesheet processing
 XML schemas (for Mike Lake's CaveScript)
 SVG graphics
I would appreciate some feedback.

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