CDFT: survey/xml task list

Richard Knapp
Tue, 09 Jan 2001 05:41:30 -0500 (EST)

(My first time on this so please be forgiving...)

>* decide on using a DTD, schema, or both.

If I have a vote, I would opt for Schema. They are valid XML documents, unlike DTDs. They also 
seem to provide more flexibility -- maybe it is just ease -- in defining the document structure.

> * decide on the basic methodology for data transfer and archiving, e.g. XML.

Does archiving include the use of the file in place of a raw data file (ie. Survex .svx or COMPASS 
.DAT file)?

Since not everything will be covered, should means of using XPointers and XLinks be covered 
as well?

>Two known websites which show existing work which has been done are:
>Mike Lake:
>Devin Kouts:

For work in progress, there is at least until a new 
domain is opened.

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