CDFT: survey/xml task list

Mon, 08 Jan 2001 21:16:52 +1100

Here is one fairly high-level view of some of the Cave Data Format Working
Group's tasks to achieve its objectives, and their approx order. Some of
these tasks could be done in parallel.
* establish the official WG delegate for each interested country (UIS voting
  is by country).
* draw up the Scope and Objectives for the group.
* catch up with the good work which has already been done in this area:
  Each existing worker to post a *summary* of what they have done, as well 
  as point us to their detail, e.g. via their web page. 
* decide on the range of fields which we need to consider in a survey 
  data transfer:
  * draw up a survey and mapping ERD (Entity Relationship Diagram),
    the difference between surveying and mapping data.
  * fill out the fields needed in each entity of the ERD.
  * define each of these fields.
* decide on the basic methodology for data transfer and archiving, e.g. XML.
* decide on using a DTD, schema, or both.
* decide on how to break up and sequence the task for voting.
* produce the proposed standards.
* publish them for public speleo comment.
* make any revisions seen desirable after the public comment.
* vote by WG delegates.
* ratification by UISIC.
* publicise the format after acceptance.
* produce explanatory and training material.
* list software needed and organise it to get done.

We could start on the review of current work now, and then the field list,
at the same time as sorting out delegates and objectives.


Two known websites which show existing work which has been done are:

Mike Lake:

Devin Kouts:


Peter Matthews